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Lời Bài Hát

I kneel before the shadows Awaiting their slow approach My hands open searching for rest The virtue of sleep takes me far away again. The earth starts to give in Opens its gates within the trees Giving me the way to the center of it all The transition of my mental state begins. I feel the necessity of illuminating my spirit Yet only heading towards the darkest of my being can I be me. Flesh fades away and from within spring roots Towards the center, towards the infinite abyss they head. The man is now like a tree Now I have become its being Trying to find the ravens within me I bury me within the most evil of existence. Each of my memories have become green leaves Those paths which I have gone through have been pictured on my body I see from so close the end of the road, but I know it to be infinite Many lives have come and gone in its search. Wisdom flows through my branches Filling me with sweet sap which my children will drink eternally. The taste of justice, forgiveness and freedom We become beings of light Staring at god's death.