In The Night


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Lời Bài Hát

In the night, stars Hide behind my eyes The infinite absence of light, creates an Existential void within us I reject the chance of the fake god But wait for help from something above us. The sordid spectral marionettes that watch us Need no explanation to resist moral abuse They dress as harmless offense to life And propose complete disillusion. I saw you fall, in that shameful day You gazed towards the abbyss and therefore Suffered for centuries Now you are but shadows, of a shattered self And need mankind to regain your throne of Ignorance! We lost our chance and have to die on To preach the imposter has been all in vain We waited so long for that perfect structure But all we have left is sorrow and pain. In the night The stars are before my eyes In the night The stars are before me The stars are before my eyes. The Sun hides Solemn freedom Sol hides Solemn freedom.