Bahama Mama

Boney M.

Chờ một chút...

Lời Bài Hát

[Chorus] 1. She has six daughters And not one of them is married yet And shes looking high and low And none of them plays ever hard to get So if youre lonesome go there go. [Chorus:] Bahama, bahama mama You should all be looking for bahama mama Bahama, bahama mama And Im sure you will adore bahama mama. Bahama, bahama mama Got the biggest house in town bahama mama Bahama, bahama mama But her troubles getting down bahama mama. 2. Youll meet her daughters They ll be treatin you to honeycake Theyll be sweet and nice to you And maybe there is one youd like to take Well then youll know just what to do. [Chorus:] Bahama, bahama mama She is really in a fix bahama mama Bahama, bahama mama Being stuck with all them six bahama mama. 3. Whats the matter with men today Six beautiful roses And nobody to pluck them Its a crying shame. [Chorus:] 4. The thing is each of them looks Like a gorgeous moviequeen Every one a perfect find And if a man refused that temptin scene He simply cant make up his mind. [Chorus]