Ancestral Illusions

In Eternum

Chờ một chút...

Lời Bài Hát

I feel eternity And places that, i've already run through The course It is the mountain With the last breath of my years My white hair. The years have taken the choice to save my soul. Besides the mountain The lade, my reflection in the water The shape takes the form of my face. They tide my hands Diabolic creatures are forcing me to pay for my sins. I am condemned Say a pray To stay in hell Say a pray There is no way out Save me please For me Make that your love saves my soul I have waited Save me please Too long I'll wait for you To save my soul, i'll be lost for centuries Give me hope I can't kill this eternity What can i do I just can wait for you to save me More than wait for you. My evil face reflects the thousands Persons i have been, and the damage they caused. I am the chaos I carry the four elements, they are my essence Now i am here in this place. Where the air is suffocating and hide They are my essence Now i am here in this place.